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iCAN provides you with one central location to find the people on campus who can help you succeed. iCAN also gives you an easy way to schedule the dedicated time you need with your instructors, advisors and counselors. 

Table of Contents

  1. Accessing iCAN
  2. Setting up your profile
  3. Reviewing notifications
  4. Making an appointment with a current instructor or advisor
  5. Accessing campus resources from the Success Network
  6. Frequently asked questions

Accessing iCAN

You can get to iCAN by logging into BSU Online and clicking on the iCAN tab:

Finding iCAN in Blackboard

After you're logged in, it's time to set up your profile. Click on Editing your profile or use the set up wizard to upload your picture.

Editing your profile

It's a good idea to add a photo so your instructors and advisors can get to know you!

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Setting up your profile

Your profile lets instructors and advisors know who you are and how to contact you. It also includes the email address for where you want to receive updates and reminders. You can add an alternate email address and specify where you receive your notifications.

Creating your student profile in iCAN

You can use any personal email address and opt out of receiving iCAN notifications through your BSU email. Choose the communication venue you check most often!

Don't forget to click SUBMIT to save your profile.

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Reviewing Notifications

The My Success Path channel on your iCAN home page may include alerts related to your class work as well as recommended referrals to campus support offices to help you succeed. You might receive email notifications for the items listed here as well.

iCAN Notifications


Click the “View Details” link associated with an item listed in “My Success Path” to get more information about the item. From there, you can make an appointment with your instructor or an advisor, or visit a tutoring center.

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Make an Appointment with a Current Instructor or Advisor

If you need help or have questions about your progress in a course, you can check for resources or office appointment availability. If your instructor or advisor has set up office hours in iCAN, you can request an appointment through the system. There are several ways you can make an appointment.

You can use the Schedule a Meeting button:

Schedule appointment

The other way is to check the Courses I'm Taking channel, which is one of the blocks on your dashboard you may see when you log in to iCAN. You can sort the course listing by selecting from the dropdown menu. By default, the active term is displayed.

1. Click the “See Available appointments” link for any course to view your instructor’s calendar. If your instructor has listed office hours, these will be displayed. If there are other people or resources available, those will also appear on under the course.

Course Breakdown

2. Move through the calendar using the mini calendar tool located in the left column.  All dates with available office hours will be bold. 

3. Click the Sign up link associated with an available meeting time. 

Making an appointment

4. Complete the form by selecting a reason for the meeting and including a detailed description to help your instructor prepare for your meeting.

Making an appointment

5. Click the Save button.  You’ll get an email confirmation of the appointment. 

Making an appointment

Your existing appointments will be listed in your Appointments channel. Click the calendar icon for additional information.

To make an appointment with an advisor, counselor, past instructors, or any other person on campus with whom you can make appointments, use the “See Available appointments” link in the My Success Network channel on your iCAN home page. Use the same steps outlined above for making an appointment with your instructor. 

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Accessing Campus Support Resources from the Success Network

Certain counselors and advisors may be listed in your personal My Success Network channel, but other individuals and services can be found in the broader Success Network. You can learn about the staff affiliated with a service or make an appointment.

Success Network

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t see anyone listed in My Success Network?

Your specific advisors or counselors might not be assigned yet. Check back later or contact your institution’s help desk for additional assistance.

What if I want emails going to somewhere other than my school email address?

Click the My Profile link at the top of the page to go to your profile. If your institution allows, you can provide an email address you prefer to use instead of, or in addition to, your school email address.

What if I click the Starfish link and get a “You do not have access” message?

Contact your institution’s help desk for assistance with accessing the Starfish system.

What if I need more help?

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